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Points Of Interest for Pangong LakePoints Of Interest for Pangong Lake

Points of Interest for Pangong Lake
Visiting Pangong Lake is akin to stepping into another world. This endorheic lake straddles two countries- China and India. So, what persists along the banks of this spectacular lake? Find out in this guide on the key points of interest for Pangong Lake.
Pangong Lake – A Marvel of Nature
Displaying a stunning spectrum of colors from deep-blue to light green to fiery-orange and snowy-white as the day progresses and seasons change, Pangong Lake is an unmissable natural marvel. Nestled between towering mountains, the beauty of the lake is absolutely indescribable.
With a length reaching nearly 134 kms, around 60% of the lake lies in Tibet. Wondrously, the lake does not support any aquatic life except for a few crustaceans. Yet, it is an important breeding ground for several migratory birds such as the Bar-headed Goose and Brown-headed Gull, making it a birdwatcher’s paradise.
So, what other Pointes of Interest are compelling for Pangong Lake?
Spangmik Village
Spangmik village, set on the banks of Pangong Lake, offers a stunning view of the Chang-Chenmo range. This quaint hamlet is an ideal place for relaxing, soaking in the beauty of Lake, and experiencing village life in Ladakh.
Monasteries and Gompas
Several historical monasteries and Gompas, like Thiksey and Diskit, lie near Pangong Lake. These ancient and beautiful structures contribute to the spiritual aura of the place and should be on everyone’s list of “must-visits.”
Photography & Filming
The breathtaking landscape surrounding Pangong Lake has been featured in many movies and provides amazing photographic opportunities. Imagine yourself posing with the backdrop of a crystal blue lake and rugged mountains!
Adventure Activities
From trekking in the adjacent mountains to camping on the panoramic lake shores, adventure enthusiasts have a handful of choices. Also, riding along the Pangong Circuit in a sturdy 4×4 is a thrilling experience not to be missed.
So, Is Pangong Lake Worth It?
Absolutely! With a myriad of breathtaking sights and enriching experiences at every corner, Pangong Lake is the jewel in India’s wide array of touristic destinations. Its unique combination of natural beauty and cultural sites put it at the top of every globetrotter’s wishlist.
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